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Geomaster Suíço

Geomaster Suíço

DestaquesModelo: MRS8-121.Sapata de trilho magnético (montagem de prisma de monitoramento)2.w.Espigão estilo suíço (Diâm
Informação básica.
Modelo NÃO.SRA8-12
Marca comercialGeomaster, Geochoix, Geotool
Código HS9015900090
Capacidade de produçãoconforme pedido confirmado
Descrição do produto
HighlightsModel: MRS8-121.Magnetic Rail Shoe (Monitoring Prism Mount)2.w.Swiss-style Spigot (Dia 12mm)3.w.Circular Vial (40'/2mm)4.w.Triple Magnetic Bars (NdFeB)5.For Railway Surveying (Reflector Prisms)Specifications & FeaturesModel: MRS8-121.Magnetic Monitoring Prism Mount/Base/Tribrach (Rail Shoe)Accurate aluminium and high grade steel construction,compact surveying tool specially designed for railway and metal construction surveying, used for mounting and holding Monitoring Prisms, Prism Holders,Retro Targets, Scanner Spheres,etc2.Equipped with 3 strong Magnetic Bars (NdFeB)1pc Dia10mm×40mm and 2pcs Dia10mm×25mm, securely embedded into L-shape Alloy Aluminum Base for metal construction project surveying like railway,subway, bridges, etc3.Height to the Centre of Circular Prism: 125mm4.Installed w.Leica-style Adapter ADP8-12M8 male Thread to Dia12±0.02 Swiss-style Stub/Spigot; compatible with all Geomaster Swiss-style Prisms,Prism Holders and Retro Targets such as GHP1, GHP3, GHP1P, GPR111, GPR121, GPR113, GRZ4, GRZ12, MPR122, etc5.Coming w.on-board Circular Bubble CB-4040'/2mm adjustable Circular Vial for quick aligning and positioning6.Customization service availableNote: Any updating would be subject to change without prior notice.Related NamesSurveying Accessories,Surveying Equipment, Surveying Instrument,Fixed Adapter,Fixed Carrier,GPS Adapter, Mini Adapter, Rotating Adapter,Rotating Carrier,Tribrach Adapter,Surveying Tribrach, Traverse Tribrach, GPS Tribrach,GNSS Tribrach, Laser Tribrach,Traverse Kit,Swiss-style Tribrach,Swiss-style Adapter,Traverse Adapter,Geomaster Tribrach,Geomaster Adapter, GPS Mini Pole,Antenna Pole,GPS Extension Pole,Geomax Tribrach, Tribrach Carrier,Prism Mount,Prism Adapter,Railshoe,Mini Tribrach,Track Prism,Rail ShoePacking DetailsModel: MRS8-121.N.W.: 250-255g (the whole set)2.Qty./CTN: TBD3.G.W./CTN: TBD4.Size/CTN: TBD